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Vimfiler prompt

Navigate VimFiler by typing + autocompletion

alt text


Command: VimFilerPrompt

Map something to VimFilerPrompt, and that's it.

autocmd FileType vimfiler nmap <buffer> i :VimFilerPrompt<CR>


<TAB> : autocomplete; if there is only 1 match, jumps directly

<S-TAB>: previous completion

<CR>, /: jump

..: parent directory

Highlight groups

hi! FilerCursor   cterm=reverse ctermfg=12 ctermbg=8 guifg=#000000 guibg=#efefef gui=NONE

hi! FilerSelected cterm=NONE ctermfg=7 ctermbg=4 guifg=#efefef guibg=#599eff gui=NONE
hi! FilerActive   cterm=NONE ctermfg=7 ctermbg=4 guifg=#efefef guibg=#505050 gui=NONE

hi! FilerMatch    cterm=NONE ctermfg=NONE ctermbg=NONE guifg=NONE    guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
hi! FilerNoMatch  cterm=NONE ctermfg=1    ctermbg=NONE guifg=#9a9a9a guibg=NONE    gui=NONE

hi! def link FilerPrompt     Question
hi! def link FilerInput      MoreMsg
hi! def link FilerCompletion Comment