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Browser-based 6 channel DVM using #Arduino + #RaspberryPi
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A low-cost Digital Volt-Meter (DVM) using an Arduino and Raspberry Pi zero with a browser interface.

You can find websocketd here. Yiou can download the latest release here

I've described the project in a series of three blog posts. Start here.

Hardware required

  1. An Arduino Uno. (Other models would work; I've tested it with a Nano.)
  2. A Raspberry Pi zero W or a full-size Pi, with Raspbian Stretch and WiFi set up or a wired (Ethernet) connection.
  3. A cable or cables to connect the Arduino to the USB port on the Pi.
  4. A power source for the Pi and a cable to connect it.
  5. A computer with a browser connected to the same network as the Pi.


  1. On the Arduino, install dvm.ino from this repository
  2. On the Pi,
    1. Download the zip file from GitHub.


    2. Unzip it: unzip

    3. Change to the newly created directory: cd WebDVM-master

    4. If you've changed the Raspberry Pi's hostname, edit index.html to reflect the current hostname.

    5. Run ./websocketd --port=8080 --staticdir=. ./

  3. In your browser, open raspberrypi:8080 (or use whatever hostname you chose for the Pi)

Have fun!

If you hit problems, please raise an issue on GitHub.

If you have questions, I'm @rareblog on Twitter.

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