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This is a version of reggie-dsl ported to Dyalog APL.

Regular Expressions are powerful but they can be hard to tame.

reggie-dsl is a Domain Specific Language (DSL) that makes regular expressions readable and easy to use. You can read more about the origin and use of reggie-dsl in this blog post.

APL-reggie takes advantage of APL's syntax. People have used APL to create embedded DSLs for decades. Stranding and dyadic (infix) functions allow you to write powerful regular expressions that read almost like normal English.

Here's APL-reggie code to recognise and analyse telephone numbers in North American format:

 d3←3 of digit
 d4←4 of digit
 local←osp('exchange'defined d3)dash('number'defined d4)
 area←optional osp('area'defined lp d3 rp)
 international←'i'defined optional escape'+1'
 number←international area local

You can use it like this:

 '+1 (123) 345-2192' match number

and here is the result:

i         +1    
area      (123) 
exchange  345   
number    2192  

You can read more about apl-reggie here.

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