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Morse display for Twitter Streams

This project uses a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino or Shrimp to monitor tweets and display them as Morse Code.

The Pi requires py-serial and twython.

Install the Python script in a directory of your choice.

You will also need credentials(an application key and secret) to search twitter, which you can obtain from the twitter dev site

The Python code uses Oauth2; once you have an application key and secret, create a file called twitter.ini in a (new) sub-directory called secrets.

The file should look like this:

# key and secret for using twitter API
KEY=your application key here
SECRET=your secret here

You will also need to install morse_complete.ino on the Shrimp or Arduino.

Shrimp and Pi

The Shrimp's CP2012 should be connected to a USB port on the Pi.

An Arduino should be connected to the Pi via a standard USB cable.

You may need to change the port used by the Arduino interface, depending on the hardware and Operating System you are using.

I have had limited success using the Shrimp's CP2012 with recent versions of OS/X. If you are a Mac user you may prefer to use an Arduino.

Blog posts

I've made a couple of blog posts about this project.

Introduction Update