Presentation, Android Projects and Hands-on Exercises for Android 101 Workshop
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This project contains the Presentation, Android Projects and Hands-on Exercises for Android 101 Workshop.

Contents of the respective directories:

  • presentation : This contains the Powerpoint PPTx file. There are also versions for .PPT and .PDF just in case you prefer those.
  • hands-on-exercises : This contains 4 documents and an image file. These hands-on exercises are to be followed as you work through the example in Eclipse. They are referenced at the appropriate time via the PPTx presentation above. There are also versions of .doc files. The content is the same as the .docx files.
  • Android-Projects: The final project result of each of the hands-on exercises is provided here for your reference along with the final application i.e. QuotesApp.
  • Android-Projects-EclipseJuno-LatestADT : In case you are using the latest version of Eclipse i.e. Juno and the latest ADT from Google for Android Development inside of Eclipse, you can import the projects present here. They are a replice of the projects in the Android-Projects folder. And either of them are ok. So if you are using the latest version of Eclipse/ADT and still go for the Android-Projects folder, that is fine too.


My development environment consisted of the following software:

  • Eclipse Helios. You could use Juno too. Everything works fine.
  • Android Eclipse Plugin (ADT) version 18.0.0
  • Android SDK 2.3.3 (Level 10). I have tested the same on Android SDK 4.0.x and 4.1.x (Level 15 & 16) - it works fine.

If you are using the latest ADT, refer to the hands-on exercises folder and refer to the files that have the *-NewPlugin.docx. These files contain the right instructions for the latest ADT plugin. If you are using and older ADT i.e. 18, you can refer to the hands-on-exercises without the *-NewPlugin suffix.

In case you want to setup your Android Development Environment, I suggest you start right at the source:

For any questions, write to me at