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Turbo Pascal Archive was created from various sources among them Russian SWAG (Pascal) collection and some portion contributed by me.

This archive aims educational purposes and mostly suited for students learning Pascal language.


  • Beginners: basic usage of arrays, records, strings;
  • Data Structures: many sources of students for work with arrays, linked lists, trees, hashes; sorting/merge algorithms;
  • Math: expression parser; various math subroutines on calculus, plane geometry, discrete math, statistics, optimization;
  • Lib: various general purpose units like manipulations with bits, string handling, error recovery, cyrillic character translation functions;
  • User Interface: basic usage of unit Crt and advanced usage with library Turbo Vision;
  • Compression: LZW compression tool;
  • Translators: Turbo Pascal to C language translator;
  • Files: source code of popular DOS Navigator file manager; unit for support of long file names under Windows 9x.
  • Graphics: loading/saving PCS, BMP; displaying fractals;
  • and others


This repository contains too a small number of files with Object Pascal syntax (mostly with usage of one-line comments).


Turbo/Borland Pascal uses ASCII CP437 encoding or its derivations, like cyrillic CP866.

The files in this online repository were converted to UTF-8 encoding in order to preserve readability by everyone. If you want read and run files with cyrillic inside, you may need to convert them back to CP866 (for example, by GnuWin32 iconv). For the rest of files the back conversion process is useless.