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akka-quickser-serialization - quickser-based serializers for Akka

This library provides a custom quickser-based serializer for Akka. It can be used for more efficient akka actor's remoting.


  • It is more efficient than Java serialization - both in size and speed
  • It can be faster than Kryo and protostuff based serializers in many cases
  • Does not require any additional build steps like compiling proto files, when using protobuf serialization
  • Almost any Scala and Java class can be serialized using it without any additional configuration or code changes
  • Apache 2.0 license

How to use this library in your project

To use this serializer, you need to do two things:

  • Include a dependency on this library into your project:

    libraryDependencies += "com.romix.akka" % "akka-quickser-serialization" % "0.1-SNAPSHOT"

  • Add some new elements to your Akka configuration file, e.g. application.conf

Configuration of akka-quickser-serialization in Akka configuration file

The following options are available for configuring this serializer:

  • You should declare in the Akka serializers section a new kind of serializer:

    serializers {  
    	java = "akka.serialization.JavaSerializer"  
    	# Define protostuff serializer   
    	quickser = "com.romix.akka.serialization.quickser.QuickserSerializer"  
  • As usual, you should declare in the Akka serialization-bindings section which classes should use quickser serialization

  • You need to add a following line to the list of your Akka extensions: extensions = ["com.romix.akka.serialization.quickser.QuickserSerializationExtension$"]

  • You may need to add a new quickser section to the akka.actor part of configuration

    quickser  {  
    	# To guarantee that both sender and receiver use the same numeric ids for the same   
    	# classes it is advised to pre-register them using the "classes" section
    	# Define a set of fully qualified class names for   
    	# classes to be used for serialization.  
    	classes = [