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# Developed by Roman Arkharov, 04.2013
Instance of this class creates for every connected user by the QuickpongServerFactory().
This class has methods for send and receive data from remote client (gamer).
from twisted.internet.protocol import Protocol
import time
import simplejson as json
from twisted.python import log
class QuickpongProtocol(Protocol):
This protocol using for ordinary clients
def connectionLost(self, reason):
log.msg('QuickpongProtocol.connectionLost. Connection lost for client %s' % (self.client_id))
def connectionMade(self):
log.msg('QuickpongProtocol.connectionMade. New connection %s, sending client_id to new client' % (self.client_id,)) = '[1] init data'
tmp = []
def dataReceived(self, raw_data):
Sometimes, I don't know why, server received two merged data frames from client.
Here I check if server received several data packets, split them and summarize data
if '\x00[' in raw_data:
data = []
data_array = raw_data.split('\x00')
first = True
for data_item in data_array:
if data_item != '':
data_item_array = json.loads(data_item)
if isinstance(data_item_array, list):
if first:
data = data_item_array
first = False
data[0] = data_item_array[0]
data[1] += data_item_array[1]
#data[1] = data_item_array[1]
data[2] = data_item_array[2]
data = raw_data.replace('\x00', '')
if len(data):
if isinstance(data, list):
received_data = data
elif isinstance(data, str):
received_data = json.loads(data)
#if len(received_data) > 1 and received_data[1] != 0:
# log.msg('%d) %d' % (received_data[2], received_data[1]))
self.factory.quickpong_service.aggregateClientsData(self.client_id, received_data)
def writeData(self, data):
self.transport.write(data + '\x00')