Arduino library for trigger IFTTT web hooks
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IFTTTWebHook ESP8266/ESP32 library

This is a small library that calls IFTTT web hooks from your ESP8266 or ESP32 Arduino project.

IFTTT webhooks allow you to trigger IFTTT actions from your project. You might trigger an action because a button has been pushed, a temperature threshold has been passed, or just because you feel like it. You can pass up to three values with the trigger.

An action can be any IFTTT action:

  • send an email or text message
  • turn on a light
  • add values to a Google Sheet
  • call a webhook on another service


  1. If you haven't already, add the library to your Arduino project. Either:
  1. Include the library in your project:
#include <IFTTTWebhook.h>
  1. You'll need an IFTTT account, an IFTTT API key for that an account and a webhook event name.

Once you're logged into IFTTT you can get your API key by going to and clicking the Documentation button.

Instantiate an IFTTTWebhook object using your API key and the event name:


When you want to trigger the webhook, call the trigger method with zero to three char* to be passed as values:

webhook.trigger("value1", "value2");
webhook.trigger("value1", "value2", "value3"); 

You can trigger using the same webhook object as many times as you want.