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Arduino Hardware Update for this Project.

Update 12/9/2016: Initially we used the UNO R3, but recently upgraded to the Mega 2560. Pin for Pin the Ethernet Shield + Prototype Shield fits over the same configuration on the Mega 2560 pins as far as the shields go. You do have to use Pin 20 and 21 on the Mega for the I2C protocol, instead of A4 and A5 on the UNO R3. If you don't make this change, nothing will work, so power off, change the pins, and power ON. Select the Mega in the IDE interface under BoardType, Processor, etc... and upload your sketch.

BEERUINO Version 002 has been released! Dec 11, 2016. Version 001 is still available for Progress reasons, we are learning and applying…

About Version 002:

  • Buttons to control the temperature (Set Relay Goal) were added, so you no longer have to re-compile using a computer
  • We are now using the millis() instead of the delay() Function - for the SD Card and Button Processing
  • the code is now more organized especially within the Variable declaration, so you can see what belongs to what
  • we now employ different functions for different activities, like: BUTTONS, LOT, RELAYS - more optimization will come in the future

Beeruino is a Arduino based project to create a data logger of temperature sensors samples collected from the fermentation process (both internal and external) temperatures. It also is a controller, so that you can control based on condition of the temperature sensor - say to keep the fermentation at a specific temperature - in order to keep it stable, especially in the winter seasons.

So a heater of some sort would be employed on the fermentor and you would use the temperature of the internal sensor, and instruct a relay to turn ON or OFF to maintain a temperature.

It displays relevant information on an LCD screen so that you don't have to depend on the Monitor of the Arduino sketch IDE. Initially the project was only a data logger, and then grew to also become a controller.

Update: We are adding more and more features so that the Beeruino becomes independent of the computer outside of the initial upload of the sketch. That’s why Buttons are being added, and other controls in the future.

I am also including all the Libraries for real-time-clock, LCD and Dallas OneWire temp sensor, see:

Stick them under: \Users\AUser\Documents\Arduino\libraries / and if necessary see if there are any updates via the Arduino IDE.

If you want to contribute to the project, Please Fork away!