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Solr Search


  1. add gem 'acts_as_solr_reloaded', :git => 'git://'
  2. Add gem "spree_solr_search", :git => 'git://' to your Gemfile
  3. Run bundle install
  4. Run rails g spree_solr_search:install

Master branch 1.0.x - 1.2.x compatible.
If you want use this extension with Spree 0.10.x or 0.11.x, then you should use spree-0-11-stable branch.


To download, set up and start Solr 3.6:

bundle exec rake solr:download
bundle exec rake solr:start

To perform the indexing:

bundle exec rake solr:reindex BATCH=500

To stop Solr demo-server:

bundle exec rake solr:stop

To configure production Solr server:

edit RAILS_ROOT/config/solr.yml

Running rake tasks in background

Read instructions how to run rake tasks in background.