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dynamic html, txt and xml sitemaps for spree stores. including static pages
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This Spree extension generates dynamic, seo-friendly sitemaps on the fly in html, xml and txt formats.

This extension is compatible with the static_content extension and will check for content in the Page table.

In order to avoid an seo penalty for duplicate content, products are only listed once at /product/productName

for rails 3 and spree >= 1.0.0rc2


  1. Install the extension

    gem 'dynamic_sitemaps', :git => 'git://' bundle install

  2. Add link to sitemap to a view

    <%= link_to 'Sitemap', '/sitemap' %>

The sitemaps are accessible at,, and

Hat tip stephp for doing all the heavy lifting with her spree-sitemaps extension.

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