Slack integration for shuffling a list with your team members.
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Slack Shuffle

This is an integration I build for Slack. When somebody types /shuffle, it returns a list of team members shuffled for our stand up meeting order.

how it works

Adding it to your team's Slack

  1. Clone this repository

  2. Copy and rename the data.yml.example file to data.yml .

  3. Add your own team members as the value of the team_members key.

  4. Create an Incoming WebHook (You'll have to choose a channel but the list will be posted to whatever channel the command was ran)

  5. Copy the Webhook URL provided under Setup Instructions and add it to data.yml as the value of the key url.

![Copy the URL provided](
  1. Create a Heroku app and upload the code.

  2. Create a Slash Command (we use /shuffle, use whatever works better for you)

  3. Add the Heroku URL for your app to URL under Integration Settings and click on Save Integration

![Add your heroku URL](
  1. You can now use the command you added on step 7 on any Slack channel.