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Public class website for MIT 6.S898 / 12.S992 climate change seminar Fall 2019
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This github repository is the public course website for the seminar 6.S898 / 12.S992 on Climate Change run by Alan Edelman, John Fernández, and Ron Rivest at MIT Fall 2019.

Information about the seminar can be found on the overview page.

Information about the final projects can be found on the projects page.

A course schedule (including assignment deadlines and guest speakers) can be found on the schedule page.

A list of climate change-related resources will be continuously updated on the resources page over the course of the seminar.

The course Piazza page is here.

The first class is Friday, September 6th, in room 6-120, 1:00-2:30pm. Enrollment is by permission. Attendance at the first class is required if you wish to enroll.

The class meets Tuesdays in 4-231 (1pm--2:30pm) and Fridays in 6-120 (1pm--2:30pm).

Fall 2019 Final Project Reports

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