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An Animated Submit Button. Works on both android and IOS.

  • folds when in progress
  • expands back when its ready

Alt text


Running Example

  • git clone
  • cd example
  • npm install
  • react-native link
  • react-native run-ios


  • npm install --save react-native-submit-button
  • if RN > 0.29 react-native link else rnpm link


import SubmitButton from 'react-native-submit-button';

class SubmitButtonExample extends Component {
  render() {
    return (
      <View style={{flex:1}}>
        <SubmitButton />


Property Type Default Description
primaryColor string rgb(30, 205, 151) optional user-defined primary color
secondaryColor string white optional user-defined secondary color
buttonState string normal button state can be one of normal, success, error
width number 180 optional user-defined width for button
height number 54 optional user-defined height for button
buttonText string 'Submit' optional user-defined text on button
buttonTextWhenReady string optional user-defined text on button when success (either provide this or give iconName to be shown once submitted successfully ) , this will get priority over icon name
iconName string 'check' optional any icon name from fontello icons , to be shown once we got success.
textStyle object optional text styles to override existing styles
buttonStyle object optional button styles to override existing styles
animationDuration number 200 number in ms. Time to fold button.
errorColor string #ff6666 error color
onSubmit function function to call on button press
onSuccess function function to call on success
onError function function to call on error


  • MIT. © Ronak Kothari