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  • [Feature] HighSlide is back into Awesome Flickr Gallery
  • [Bug Fix] Revert Colorbox to version 1.3.18 to fix incompatibility issues with old versions of jQuery
  • [Bug Fix] Potential bug fix for incompatibility with PrettyPhoto plugin
  • [Bug Fix] Several other minor bug fixes


  • [ENHANCEMENT] Intelligently resize images based on orientation of the image (landscape vs portrait).
  • [BUG FIX] Do not include Colorbox script if it is not enabled.
  • [BUG FIX] Square option for Custom Photo Size gets reset


  • [MAJOR CHANGE] Highslide had to be removed from Slideshow options as WordPress moderators objected about the same due to licensing issues. This update removes the Highslide option. If you are using Highslide, you will be migrated to use Colorbox instead.


  • [Feature] Ability to set the slideshow per gallery.
  • [Feature] Two new options for slideshow behavior - Link to Flickr photo page and non clickable thumbnails
  • [Bug Fix] Custom CSS styling doesn't appear in highslide thumbnail slider


  • [Feature] A new sort order option "Random" added
  • [Bug Fix] Tool-tip text of the thumbnails contain HTML code
  • [Bug Fix] Photo descriptions with hyperlinks do not render properly
  • [Bug Fix] Photo titles with apostrophe appear truncated


  • [Bug Fix] Gallery is messed up with some themes where photo description contains either a hyperlink or new line characters


  • [Enhancement] Description of the photos visible during slideshow with Highslide option
  • [Enhancement] View on Flickr link added to slideshow
  • [Bug Fix] PHP Warning comes when there are no photosets, groups or galleries associated with the account
  • [Bug Fix] Photo title gets truncated when an apostrophe is present


  • [Update] Update image resizing script to the latest version with many bug fixes


  • [Bug Fix] When a theme has a built-in colorbox, plugin shows two colorbox instances during slideshow.
  • [Bug Fix] When pagination is hidden using custom CSS, extra line breaks appear at the bottom of the gallery.


  • [Compatibility] Compatibilty with WordPress 3.3
  • [Enhancement] Enhanced 3d look (still subtle) for the gallery


  • [Feature] Show off your Popular Flickr photos by selecting My Popular Photos as the source for the gallery.


  • [Major Feature] Now galleries can be created using tags.
  • [Enhancement] For galleries created using a Flickr Gallery, URL of the owner's Flickr profile page appears as part of the title of the photo
  • [Bug Fix] Slideshow doesn't show all the photos when accessed from any page but first


  • [Feature] Multiple sorting options now available for galleries. You can now use these options to override your sorting options set on Flickr.


  • [Enhancement] Editors can now access Add/Delete/Saved Galleries page.
  • [Enhancement] Colorbox and HighSlide updated to latest versions.
  • [Enhancement] Each gallery gets a unique class, so that it can be customized at high level.


  • [ENHANCEMENT] Performance improvement for Colorbox gallery. Page load time should improve.


  • [Bug Fix] Gallery with width less than 100% appears unaligned


  • [Feature] A custom CSS field which can be used to override plugin's default CSS so that you can infinitely customize your galleries
  • [Bug Fix] On Safari browser, Add Gallery page goes into an alert loop


  • [Bug Fix] Including private photos doesn't work, gives Invalid Auth Token error


  • [Bug Fix] Website components messed up after upgrading to 3.0.5
  • [Bug Fix] Custom size thumbnails don't appear


  • [Feature] Select custom sizes for thumbnails in gallery.
  • [Enhancement] Flexibility to modify gallery CSS to get desired look
  • [Enhancement] Improved error reporting for better debuggability


  • [Bug Fix] Awesome Flickr Gallery pagination doesn't work properly when qtranslate plugin is activated
  • [Bug Fix] For galleries having more than 500 photos, it starts again with same set of photos


  • [Feature] Now you can include your PRIVATE PHOTOS also in galleries -
  • [Enhancement] Group galleries now show owner of the photo and a link to owner's photostream -
  • [Stability] Moved to a standard API to talk to Flickr which is more reliable and stable -
  • [Bug Fix] Highslide slideshow doesn't work on Advanced Settings page -
  • [Performance] Performance enhancement for galleries with Square size photos


  • [Enhancement] Subtle mouse-over effect for gallery images
  • [Performance] Large galleries load faster
  • [Bug Fix] Sidebar appears at bottom of the page with AFG activated


  • [Feature] A NEW slideshow option now available which has a built in thumbnail slider for even easier navigation.
  • Minor bug fixes


  • [Enhancement] Ability to create Gallery using any of your plublic Groups on Flickr.
  • [Enhancement] Ability to disable built-in slideshow so that you can use slideshow from any other plugin or theme of your choice
  • [Enhancement] Max photo per page limit extended to 999
  • [Enhancement] Max columns limit extended to 12
  • [Bug Fix] Improved stability


  • [ENHANCEMENT] Improved caching mechanism extended to descriptions too. Now switching ON descriptions is NOT expensive.
  • [Bug Fix] This photo is not available on Flickr error fixed. Intelligently identify low resolution photos and show a smaller version for slideshow.


  • Added caching mechanism to avoid expensive calls to Flickr servers. This should improve page loading times a lot, especially for those with 500+ photos.


  • Now slideshow displays all the pages in the gallery so that users can navigate through without having to visit all pages.
  • Support for multiple galleries with independent slideshows and pagination.
  • MUST UPGRADE for all who are facing conflict issue with other plugin or themes. Everyone should be happy now.


  • Added a configuration option to control width of the gallery for better flexibility.
  • Added a configuration option to enale/disable pagination. This helps if you want to insert the gallery into a sidebar widget.
  • Change slideshow behavior based on feedback. Now it doesn't start automatically.


  • Create multiple instances of your gallery with different settings
  • Select photo source from your Flickr photostream, photoset or galleries
  • New improved admin panel with slick menus and photo previews
  • Bug fixes


  • Added SlideShow option when viewing full size photos
  • Moved to colorbox from lightbox for displaying full size photos


  • Added page navigation to the gallery. Now max photos setting refers to max photos per page.
  • Better exception handling
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Release