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Auto update framework for WordPress plugins not hosted on
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Auto Update script for WP Plugins not hosted on

This script can be used for WordPress plugins that are not hosted on It works transparently for users providing same experience as if the plugin was hosted on


  • Serve multiple plugins using same script
  • Serve different types of versions like stable, alpha, beta, lite, pro, test etc.
  • Easy to configure ini file

How to use this script

  • Copy contents of this project (excluding test-plugin/) to a location on your website
  • Rename test-plugin.ini to your-plugin-slug.ini
  • Modify your-plugin-slug.ini file according the help instructions in the file
  • Modify test-plugin/test-plugin.php file to reflect the location of index.php on your website
  • Copy contents of test-plugin/test-plugin.php file to your plugin's main file


  • Kaspars, for original idea of this script
  • michelf, for the markdown script
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