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In collaboration with Jackson Quinn, this project aimed to visualize changes in crime frequency within NYC police precincts from the years 2000 to 2017. To create this project we used JS as well as a geoJSON from another github user linked below in the description.
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NYC WebSite

New York Felony Occurrence Visualization


This project was created by Jackson Quinn (Github: jackson-quinn) and I. With this project, we aimed to take a closer look at crime within NYC; on a macro-level, it is easy to see that the city as a whole has gotten significantly safer over the year. However, we wished to examine data on a precinct-by-precinct basis, hoping to find out whether crime is fundamentally decreasing, or if it is decreasing in such a way that it only benefits a select few.

We have acquired our data from the NYC website (linked to here), and we have chosen to focus on what the NYPD describes as the "seven major" felonies. These are murder, sexual assault, robbery, felony assault, burglary, grand larceny, and grand theft auto. Our work produces an interactive visualization that allows viewers to examine data on a macro-level (using our color-map) but also on a micro-level by clicking an individual precinct during a given year. We have provided a slider at the bottom of the webpage to allow users to move through the years efficiently, and also an about page for some more information on the project. Annotations are provided at the top which help place the state of the city in some context.


Inside of /Data/ you can find the original data set, which we have transformed into both a cleaned_data.csv and an output.json. The file used in rendering the website is present in precint_data_min.json, and the annotations can be found in annotations.json.

Main Code

In order to construct the map, we have used a geoJSON provided open source by another user: the link to his github and work can be found here. The bulk of our code can be found in NYC WebSite/src/app.js, with the rest being found in /../about.html and /../index.html.

To run, fork the repo, cd into NYC Website, and run yarn install. Once that finishes, please run yarn start.

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