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HOP! Into the Grain Festival 2019

A website for a Craft Beer & Music Festival in Groningen.

Saturday the 25th of May 2019 @ EM2 Groningen, The Netherlands.

About this website

This website is built with Middleman with Middleman Template by ThoughtBot and is multilanguage ready. This website is deployed with and to Netlify.

Before Setup

  • Install Homebrew

    /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL

  • Install rbenv with ruby-build

    brew install rbenv ruby-build

  • Install Ruby 2.6.2

    rbenv install 2.6.2

Setup & Serve

After you have cloned this repo, follow these steps to run the website:

  • Run the setup script to set up your machine with the necessary dependencies:

  • Start the Middleman server.

    rake serve

    You should now be able to view the website at http://localhost:4567.

Build & Proof

  • Build

    rake build
  • Proof

    rake proof
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