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Debian packaging README for ssrc

This package adheres to the workflow described in PackagingWithGit[a], and the branch layout is as recommended by the git-buildpackage manual[b]. The debian packages are build manually, after which the Ubuntu packages are build automatically through a daily build recipe in Launchpad[c]. The upstream and packaging code is maintained in the ssrc-packaging repository on github[d].

  1. Updates to the packaging code

When the packaging code (in the directory `./debian') should be updated, perform the following steps:

1.1 Clone the git repository, preferably in a clean debian stable build environment (using pbuilder).

   git clone

1.2 Install dpkg-dev in the build environment.

   apt-get install dpkg-dev

1.3 When neccessary install the build dependencies for the package

   apt-get install <packages displayed by dpkg-checkbuilddeps>

1.4 Make modifications to files in the ./debian' directory. Note that changes to upstream code --anything not in the./debian' directory-- should be implemented through patches; see general packaging documentation in the maintainers guide [4].

1.5 When done editing, test your modifications by building the package with `git-buildpackage'; modify the packaging code until it succeeds.


1.6 When the step above succeeds, use the debian changelog helper dch' (installed withdpkg-dev) to increase the debian-packaging version number. If you use emacs as your editor, please installdpkg-dev-el' first, because normal changelog mode' fromemacs-goodies-el' creates incompatible changelogs.

   DEBFULLNAME="Your Name" DEBEMAIL="your@email.address" dch -i

1.7 Store your modifications in the `master' git branch.

   git commit -a -m '<describe changes, closes #XXX (github issue number)>'
   git push

1.8 Now use git-buildpackage' to build the new debian version, and automatically creating a tagged git branchdebian/x.x.x-y, wherex.x.x' is the (same) upstream revision, while `y' is the incremented debian package version.

   git-buildpackage --git-tag --git-ignore-new

1.9 Publish the tagged `debian/x.x.x-y' version as a new git branch.

   git push origin debian/x.x.x-y

1.10 Request a new bzr import at

1.11 Force new builds of the daily recipe at

  1. Tracking upstream changes

When upstream changes its code, perform the following steps to incorporate them in your packaging code.

2.1 Repeat steps 1.1 till 1.5, untill a successful build of the current upstream and packaging versions using `git-buildpackage'.

2.2 Change to the repository's root directory (directly underneath the './debian' directory), and use git-import-orig with the --uscan' option to detect and download upstream changes, while creating a tagged git branchupstream/x.x.x', where `x.x.x' is the new upstream version number.

   git-import-orig --uscan --verbose

2.3 Modify your packaging code in ./debian' to adapt to upstream changes if neccessary. As a minimum, reflect the upstream version change in./debian/changelog'.

   DEBFULLNAME="Your Name" DEBEMAIL="your@email.address" dch -i

2.4 Run git-buildpackage' using both the new upstream and packaging code, possibly adding the--ignore-new' switch, untill it succeeds.

   git-buildpackage [--ignore-new]

2.5 Push the new upstream branch.

   git push upstream/x.x.x

2.6 Repeat steps 1.7 till 1.11.

Details of the corresponding launchpad daily build recipe

The recipe contains the following:

bzr-builder format 0.3 deb-version {debversion}~ppa{revno}

With the following assumptions:

  • Ubuntu release: 15.10.1
  • Upstream (code) version: 1.30
  • Packaging code version: 2
  • Previous launchpad build number: 6

... will this lead to the following package name:



Ad [a]: PackagingWithGit workflow:

Ad [b]: Recommended branch layout from git-buildpackage documentation:

Ad [c]: Launchpad daily build recipe for ssrc:

Ad [d]: git repository on github:

Ad [e]: Debian New Maintainers' Guide

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