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App Logo APO-DZ for Android

This is the repo for the Android version. You can find the iOS repo here.

As an free alternative to the subscription APO Online tool, the Delta Zeta Chapter uses a collection of Google Calendars, Sheets, and Forms to facilitate service project/event sign-up and viewing, record keeping, and membership registry. The APO app was built to consolidate these resources on smartphones and is able to access the existing cloud modules so that brothers can quickly check their service progress, report and create events on the public calendars, and (most helpfully, so we hear) easily find and contact other members of our chapter.

Brother Status Calendars Form Links Alumni Mode

Brother Directory Pledge Directory Brother Details

On a more abstract level, this native Android app implements adaptable methods for providing mobile access for multiple Google resources. While it was built to interface with Delta Zeta's cloud infrastructure, the techniques we have used are easily replicable; as part of the 2014 Tri-Sectional Conference, we created a suite of template Google Sheets that can be adapted along with this app to create your own cloud-based infrastructure and corresponding mobile app.


This app is currently available for Android devices (4.0+) and iPhones (iOS 7.0+). You can download them from the respective app stores, but keep in mind the app is password-locked to protect user privacy.

Get it on Google Play Get it on the App Store

For more info on this version, check out app webpage.

Making It Your Own

Please see the project wiki for information on the app structure, adaptable components, and producing your own version of the app. The wiki is currently in progress, so just reach out to us if you have any questions.

In particular, you'll need to create a string XML resource file with your spreadsheet keys and the like before your forks will build.



Nikila Dandapani (@nikilad), Ronald Martin (@ronaldsmartin), and Dean Wilhelmi (@turniphead).

A full list of contributors can be found on the project site.



For app-related queries, feel free to contact us at

Our Chapter

The Delta Zeta chapter is based at the University of Pennsylvania. Please visit us at for more information.


Adaptable Android app for Alpha Phi Omega's Delta Zeta Chapter. Tracks community service/fraternity records, events, members, and resources. Back-end in Google Sheets.








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