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This is the JANITORS file, where small p5w tasks are written down so that they
are not forgotten. Since the tasks are often fairly low-hanging fruit, many of
them are likely to be good starting-points for volunteers.
If there's an item appearing here which has already been implemented, feel
free to remove it.
* Find all messages on the page and replace them with sensible things.
* Rethink the exact layout of the login screen.
* Refine the time indications in recent changes. (Right now they are just
seconds since epoch.)
* Add 'return_to' links for the login and logout actions. And maybe redirects,
or at least manual links.
* Implement 'created new page' flag in recent-changes.
* Implement 'minor edits'.
* Think about the pre- and postconditions of every subroutine. For example,
read_old_page currently assumes that $revision lies in the right interval
(1..$latest). Implement checks so that the wiki engine never crashes from
this kind of user input. Document pre- and postconditions.
* Add a nice little message 'You are viewing an old revision of this page'
to the view-old-revision pages.
* Add nice little '<- go to previous edition' and 'go to next revision ->'
to the view-old-revision pages. Provided such previous/next revisions
exist, of course.
* Make the CSS stylesheet adhere to a baseline grid
* It would probably be a good idea to make the contents of the files in
data/modifications/ hash references instead of array references. Right now,
different fields are indexed by number, which is quite opaque.
* Add ability to edit old revision pages. This should be accompanied by a
"Warning: this is an old revision you're editing." and a link to editing
the latest version of the page.
* Don't save an edit unless anything is changed.
* Add a 'Cancel' button to the edit form.
* Consider following this advice: