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class Dispatcher {
use Dispatcher::Rule;
has @.rules;
has $.default is rw;
multi method add (Dispatcher::Rule $rule) {
die "Only complete rules allowed" unless $rule.?is_complete;
multi method add (@pattern, Code $code) {
my $rule = pattern => @pattern, code => $code );
multi method add (@rules) {
# The following line of code is in relatively high flux, due to
# changes in the Spec and Rakudo when it comes to handling of
# typed arrays etc. For a long time, it said 'Object @pattern',
# in order to prevent autothreading on the elements of @pattern.
# (Object, as opposed to Any, causes signature bindings not to
# autothread.) However, (a) this typing might not be needed, because
# 'Object' might actually be the default, and (b) in current
# versions of Rakudo, writing 'Object @pattern' wrongly causes
# the Array not to bind, despite the fact that any Array should.
for @rules -> @pattern, $action {
self.add(@pattern, $action);
return @.rules.elems;
method dispatch (@chunks) {
my @matched = @!rules.grep: { .match(@chunks) };
if @matched {
my $result = @matched[*-1].apply;
.clear for @!rules;
return $result;
elsif defined $.default {
else {
return Failure;
# vim:ft=perl6