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Google Theme

Want to find the design of the current Google Analytics interface? This theme allows you to keep a visual aspect fairly close to the Google Analytics interface, without losing the organization and the power of Matomo's functionalities.


The theme is realized in LESS and uses the variables predefined in Matomo for better maintenance of the project in the long term. However, some CSS classes have been rewritten in order to have a more coherent visual rendering. This theme was created to set the interface of Matomo more user-friendly with users who used to use Google Analytics before.

If you enjoy this theme, I will do my best to keep it updated regularly, and to stay as faithful as possible to the current design of Google Analytics. This theme is only visual, it does not add any functionality, and does not in any way modify the HTML structure of Matomo, so there should never be any conflict with your installation of Matomo.

Thank you for installing !

Want more ?

If you want to have your own theme or want to develop a theme for your customers, please contact me using my email in the marketplace official page or go to (french)