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A Bomberman-like game in C++ that offers artificial intelligences with different difficulty levels, highscore system, multiplayer mode & save system.
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Hello and welcome to Bomb'Erman!

Bomb'Erman is a Bomberman-like game that was created using Irrlicht (graphics) and irrKlang (sound) libraries. For your convenience, these lightweight libraries are shipped with Bomb'Erman. No need to install them!

Bomb'Erman Intro

Bomb'Erman Intro

Enjoy our game!

Getting started


How to install & run Bomb'Erman?

  • Run the script ./ to install Bomb'Erman
  • Then you can run indie_studio from your Terminal to launch Bomb'Erman


  • Try to defeat our artificial intelligences from the easy one to the hard one!
  • Save your game and finish it later!
  • Play alone or with your friends: you can play Bomb'Erman from 1 to 4 players!
  • Enjoy our original soundtrack!
  • Try to rank first in the highscore system!



  • Laura Tavart (Salty Queens logo)
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