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My commented dotfiles (bash, vim, git, etc.)
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My commented dotfiles (bash, vim, git, etc.), fruits of long-term endeavour in dotfiles fans thursday night parties, dotfiles related blogposts reading, dotfiles github repositories crawling, etc.


Landing on a new brand server trough ssh, just run this :

    $ sudo apt-get install git 
    $ git clone
    $ dotfiles./

And that's all you need to do. The will move the original .bashrc found in $HOME before changing using a symbolic link, in case this file was already modified.

Preventing privacy & security issues

For credentials, tokens & other secret stuff, use .local files :

    # ~/.gitconfig.local
        name = John Doe
        email =
        user = johndoe
        token = 88bc06d8a...

which is already mentionned inside the .gitconfig file you'll found here:

    # ~/dotfiles/.gitconfig
        # For username / creds / etc
        path = ~/.gitconfig.local

License Information

Issues & Contributions

The issue queue can be found at:

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