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Visualizing your data with


This git contains practice datasets for visualizing data with the R package ggplot2. Prior to working with this exercise, you should have the software R, available at, and R Studio, available at Each product is open source software.

We will be using the graphics package ggplot2. To install it, click on the Package tab (lower right pane in R Studio), then click on Install and type "ggplot2" (without the quote marks). ggplot2 will then appear on the list of available packages. Click in the checkbox to load it in your workspace.

Each dataset is a CSV (comma-separated variable) that should be loaded into R prior to use. The files are:

  • HospitalFines2015.csv: A table of California hospitals, with identifying information such as name, city, county and ZIP, plus the number of beds and the fines (in percent of base Medicare reimbursement) imposed by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services in Fiscal Year 2015 for Hospital-Acquired Conditions, excessive readmissions and value-based purchasing; in the last case, some hospitals received bonuses. In addition the table lists certain financial information as of fiscal year 2013 for the hospitals.

  • KinderVaccine 2015.csv: A table of vaccination rates for kindergarten students in California schools in the 2014-2015 school year. The table includes the school name, city, county, number of children enrolled in kindergarten, number and percentage receiving a conditional exemption because their vaccinations were partially complete, number and percentage receiving a personal belief exemption (PBE) and number and percentage who received a free or reduced price meal (FRPM).