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Overload mod
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olmod - Overload mod

Community mods for Overload

Overload is a registered trademark of Revival Productions, LLC. This is an unaffiliated, unsupported tool. Use at your own risk.

How to run

  • If you installed Overload using Steam or GOG Galaxy you can extract olmod anywhere and it will find Overload automatically.

  • If you installed Overload yourself or on linux, extract olmod in the Overload main directory (where Overload.exe / Overload.x86_64 is also located).

  • Run olmod.exe / (linux) instead of Overload.exe

  • Use olmodserver.bat / (linux) to start a server

What does it do

  • Shows a modified indicator in the main menu

  • Allows access to the unfinished Monsterball multiplayer mode (with tweaks by terminal). The Monsterball multiplayer mode only works when both server and clients run olmod.

  • Puts a MP player in observer mode if it uses a pilot name starting with OBSERVER. The observer mode only works when the server and the observer client run olmod.

  • Reads projdata.txt / robotdata.txt with custom projectile (weapon) and robot settings. You can extract the stock data from the game with the included tool olgetdata. The txt files must be in the same directory as olmod.exe. You can run olgetdata on linux with mono olgetdata.exe.

  • Adds frametime non-cheat code and rearview cheat code

  • Allows MP with up to 16 players (server and all clients must run olmod)

  • Allows MP with up to 8 teams (server and all clients must run olmod)

  • Writes ServerStatLog.txt on server (by luponix)

  • Fixes MP client homing behaviour (by terminal)

  • Allows shoot to open doors in MP

  • Allows pasting in the MP password field

  • Allows joining in progress matches when enabled for the match

  • Adds option to enable console with ` key

  • Adds console commands: xp, reload_missions, mipmap_bias, ui_color

  • Allows custom music in custom levels

  • Allows spawn data for custom MP levels

  • Adds Internet match option with built in olproxy

  • Adds -frametime command line option

  • Adds custom mod loading, add mod-xxx.dll assembly to olmod directory

  • Sorts MP level list (by Tobias)

  • Automatically downloads MP levels from

How to build

  • Open solution in Visual Studio 2017

  • Fix references in GameMod project

    If your Overload copy is not in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Overload you need to adjust the references to UnityEngine.CoreModule.dll and Assembly-CSharp.dll. They are in Overload_Data\Managed.

  • Run

How does it work

The regular Overload.exe just runs UnityMain from UnityPlayer.dll. The replacement olmod.exe also runs UnityMain, but intercepts calls from Unity to the mono C# engine to also load GameMod.dll. The file GameMod.dll contains a C# class that uses Harmony to modify the game scripting code in memory.

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