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###Demo: The fastest way is just to try the DEMO PAGE

###The Code:

  <div class="biticker-container biticker-gray" data-currency="USD"></div>
  <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

###Customization On the demo page you can choose a theme for the widget, and select the currency you want it to show the value of Bitcoin in. The widget updates every 30 seconds. It is possible to have multiple widgets on a single page (for different currencies...)

###Funny Title! If you feel nice today, and this widget is helpful to you in any way, or even if it's not, coins will be a very nice way to say "Thank you, you are soooo cool!!!"

My Bitcoin address is: 1Byh7g3XqWWicGoJJftZojWvqKZSoH6T6L