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NessEngine is a 2D rendering engine for games.

folders in this git

distribution: required libs and resources for the building process. this folder is used by the script.

sdl: required sdl include files for the building process. this folder is used by the script.

source: ness-engine source files.

vs-2010: visual studio 2010 project to build the engine for x86.

vs-2013: visual studio 2013 project to build the engine for x64 or x86.

builds: all the finished builds, ready to be used.

examples: set of example projects using ness-engine.

building ness-engine

To build a ness-engine package follow these steps:

  1. compile with all projects and platforms: 1.a. vs2010 x86 (release + debug) 1.b. vs2013 x86 (release + debug) 1.c. vs2013 x64 (release + debug)
  2. run script
  3. a new folder will be created: last_build. inside that folder you will find 'ness-engine' folder, which will contain the ready build.
  4. zip it, and don't forget to increment Ness-Engine version (in NessEngine.h macro called NESS_VERSION and NESS_SUB_VERSION)


Ness-Engine is distributed with the zlib-license. see LICENSE.txt for more info.

contact me

You can contact me at