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#OPAL+ predictor

OPAL+: Length-specific MoRF prediction compared to OPAL predictor.

OPAL+ Web-server

OPAL+ is available as a standalone predictor written and tested in MATLAB and will work on UNIX systems. To download OPAL+ as MATLAB package, please click here.

OPAL+ is optionally available as a OCTAVE package (open-source package). Please click here to download. In this package OCTAVE is used instead of MATLAB.

OPALplus generate propensity scores for each residue to be a MoRF residue. If threshold value is required, then a value of 0.65 is suggested for OPALplus. At this threshold, OPALplus has TPR of 0.315 and 0.258; FPR of 0.042 and 0.032 for EXP53 and TEST464 sets, respectively.