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__version__ = '1.13.3'
__version__ = '1.14.0'
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Change Log
Release 1.14.0 (8 Sep 2018)
* Changed license from EPL 1.0 to EPL 2.0 with GPL 2.0 or later as an
available secondary license.
* Added support for automatically parallelizing large reads and write
made using the SFTPClientFile class, similar to what was already
available in the get/put/copy methods of SFTPClient.
* Added support for get_extra_info() in SSH process classes, returning
information associated with the channel the process is tied to.
* Added new set_extra_info() method on SSH connection and channel
classes, allowing applications to store additional information on
these objects.
* Added handlers for OpenSSH keepalive global & channel requests to
avoid messages about unknown requests in the debug log. These requests
are still logged, but at debug level 2 instead of 1 and they are not
labeled as unknown.
* Fixed race condition when closing sockets associated with forwarded
* Improved error handling during connection close in SFTPClient.
* Worked around issues with integer overflow on systems with a
32-bit time_t value when dates beyond 2038 are used in X.509
* Added guards around some imports and tests which were causing
problems on Fedora 27.
* Changed debug level for reporting PTY modes from 1 to 2 to reduce
noise in the logs.
* Improved SFTP debug log output when sending EOF responses.
Release 1.13.3 (23 Jul 2018)

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