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This is μWiki, a very small but fully functional wiki.  It is as much
an exercise in modular WSGI development as a functional product.  The
total code base is currently about 3500 lines of code, of which only
about 150 lines are the wiki proper.  Everything else is infrastructure.

The current code base is the result of a major overhaul that added user
authorization through Facebook and OpenID (currently hard-coded to use
Google, but that's easy to change).  Some more work is needed to make it
easy for someone besides me to install it.  But this is more or less
what you have to do:

1.  Make a copy of initial-content.  If you are going to run μWiki
under a web server running as some other user then you also need to
give appropriate write permissions into the content directory.

2.  Edit  At a minimum you have to set content_root to
point to whereever you put your copy of initial_content.  You should
also install your Facebook application ID (if you don't have one you
can get one at and at least one
email address in the admins variable.

3.  Start μWiki.  To run locally: python -i driver.wsgi.  To run under
a server, make sure your content directory has appropriate privileges
set, and point a WSGIScriptAlias (or whatever your server uses) to

4.  Point your browser at whatever URL you are running at and follow the
directions there to complete the setup process.

Send comments, questions and bug reports to


A very small but fully functional wiki




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