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This suite of code will do a forward modeling analysis of absorption line spectrum. A Bayesian Voigt profile fitter.

Also includes a sophisticated Voigt profile generation toolbox, and an interactive Voigt profile fitting module.

Installation [using git]:

From the command line: 
    git clone
    cd rbvfit
    python install


Main Modules: Top level code allowing creation of a complex and flexible multi-component/ Multi-species Voigt Profile. General code to create individual Voigt profiles. Allows to read in line properties of an atomic transition using an approximate rest wavelength guess. 
		 A complex interactive Voigt profile fitter...
		 	Two options for fitting: -  
		 				(i)  Fast non-linear least squares to fit a model to data.
		 				(ii) Detailed Markov Chain Monte Carlo fitting using emcee. 


         Example jupyter notebook on how to use these codes to perform a fit [batch mode]


         Example jupyter notebook on how to use these codes to perform a fit [interactive mode]. We guess the number of absorbing clouds and their b, v, n values interactively inside a jupyter notebook.




Written By: Rongmon Bordoloi. July 2019. Tested on : Python 3.7

Dependencies on linetools, emcee, corner