My personal portfolio. Coming soon in 2018.
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Rolle / a web designer and developer. is my personal website. You can read all about the born of it in blog post Designed a new site – just like that.

More documentation coming soon.


To do list

  • Some sort of personal stats section
  • Perhaps a "progress" section
  • Stats: Sleep graphs, this week or last night
  • Stats: Books currently reading
  • Last watched movie or TV show ( API)
  • Most listened album this week ( API)
  • Amount of tweets if possible with JS
  • Amount of keys pressed (WhatPulse API)
  • Amount of all blog posts ever (WordPress)
  • Instagram images in some form
  • Stats: Completed todoist tasks today or this week
  • Lines of code today (GitHub, Bitbucket or WakaTime)
  • Events today in calendar (Google Calendar API)
  • Livechat to the test
  • Blog
  • Free time projects I'm currently working on
  • Customer references I'm proud of lately (
  • My values (aim minimal, analyze everything, more about design principles, ideas, visual stuff, accessibility, etc.)
  • Simple analytics on like Matomo
  • Landing page about open source and importance of it
  • More, what?