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Exploits for Ronin

This is a repository of Free Exploits for Ronin.



$ ronin install --git


$ git clone


$ svn co


Pick an Exploit that is not yet in this Repository, and port it to Ronin using the ronin-exploits library. for recent Exploits.

Note: Please do not port XSS or SQL Injection Exploits, as they are usually trivial to scan for.

Once you have a working exploit:

Fork It

  1. Fork this Repository.
  2. Add your Exploit somewhere within the scripts/exploits/ directory.
  3. git add the new files.
  4. git commit. Please include a commit message describing the new Exploit.
  5. Send a Pull Request back, and your new Exploit will get merged.


You can host your very own Ronin Repository, to publish your Exploits, Payloads, Scanners and miscellaneous Ruby scripts. You can create a new Ronin Repository using the ronin-gen utility:

$ ronin-gen repository my-ronin-stuff

Ronin Repositories can be hosted via Git, SubVersion (SVN), Mercurial (Hg) or even Rsync. You can keep your Repository private or host it on GitHub.


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