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Finally a web-app for Ronin!


  • Simplicity
  • Zero Configuration
  • Easy deployment
  • Low-barrier to contributing
    • Avoid CoffeeScript, SASS, HAML, etc.
    • Predictable directory layout for a web-app.


  • Sinatra-based web-app
  • Installable as a RubyGem
  • Command to start the Sinatra app.
  • file for running it under Thin/Unicorn/Passenger/etc.


Target Audience

  • Red-teams
  • CTF players
  • Other tools/developers wishing to integrate with Ronin.


  1. Recover the original Sinatra web-app code.
  2. Delete other web-app attempts.
  3. Define the JSON API.
  4. Build UI on top of the JSON API.
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