German localization files for the concrete5 Content Management System
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concrete5 German localization

These files contain German localization files for the concrete5 Content Management System. Please read these notes carefully.



The official place for community-approved translations is:

This repository is mainly designed to track changes made to the Transifex translation repository and to add files and strings that are not available for translation in Transifex.

The translations here are a group effort by the German translation team.

The .mo/.po files here differ from the Transifex translations in a few added string that are missing in the base translation files from the concrete5 core team.


  • The .mo/.po files containing the German localization based on the translatable strings in the CMS source.
  • An updated TinyMCE folder (version 3.5.6) with the custom Concrete plugins and full German localization strings
  • An optimized TinyMCE configuration


Add the following lines to your config/site.php

define('LOCALE', 'de_DE');
setlocale('LC_TIME', LOCALE);
define('DATE_APP_GENERIC_MDY', 'd.m.Y');
define('DATE_APP_DATE_PICKER', '');

Place the files into the corresponding folders in your web root folder (or where the concrete5 CMS is located).

  • blocks
  • elements
  • js
  • languages

Do not copy the files into the CMS's system folder "concrete". Please read the following note before copying the included "concrete" folder.


The folder "concrete" contains updated PHP files to provide an (almost) fully translatable interface (this is not a fix specific to the German language). These files are provided as an interim solution until these files are fixed in the concrete5 release.

In order to use these files, you must overwrite the concrete/core/models folder - which is generally not a good idea, but serves as a workaround for now. Only apply this to concrete5 v5.6.0.1