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I don't use log4j, so I needed to replace the logging dependency with something that would work for me. SLF4J is a great library for creating a nice API that can be used as a facade for a multitude of logging frameworks. It's highly recommended as a dependency replacement for log4j.

Great work on the Expect implementation, btw! I looked at the other Expect Java libraries before coming here, and neither of them worked the way that I wanted. Your implementation is much simpler, making it easier to modify and integrate into other projects.

fragnemesis added some commits Feb 27, 2013
@fragnemesis fragnemesis Replaced log4j dependency with SLF4J
SLF4J is a better dependency for code used in potentially many 
projects, as it doesn't couple a specific logging dependency to 
the shared code.
@fragnemesis fragnemesis changed log4j dependency to slf4j
Changed documentation to reflect updated dependency on slf4j instead 
of log4j.

Hello fragnemesis,

Glad you find it useful! As of SLF4J, I always find it hard to use the logging tools... but my projects are using log4j in other places too, so I would keep it like this for now..


fragnemesis added some commits Mar 19, 2013
@fragnemesis fragnemesis Update
Changed fields and getters/setters to comply with Java naming conventions.
@fragnemesis fragnemesis Fixed timeout int wraparound bug
int is multiplied by 1000 and this value is greater than int.MAX_VALUE, a wraparound will occur resulting in a large negative number.  This will effectively make the timeout end immediately instead of lasting indefinitely.

tweaked field names to conform to Java naming conventions.

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