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Getting started



Volleyball Manager is easy to install and configure on your computer. Start the installation program install.exe and follow the instructions. Ensure that you install the server- and the administratormodul. If you are new to the Volleyball Manager that is the configuration you want to have most likely. A single installation makes only sense if you want to run the server and administrator on two different computers.

Start Volleyball Manager

The Volleyball Manager consists of two parts: the server and the administrator client. The server saves all data. For that reason it have to be started always before the administraor application can be started.

  1. Start the Server: Click on the server icon on your desktop or in your start menu. Now a black box appears in which the server is loaded. Wait until no further changes appear in the box and the line Started in [..:..]ms> is printed. The duration of this startup depends on the speed of your computer. Times between 10 sec and 2 minutes are common.<

  2. Start the Administrator Client: After starting the server you can open the administrator client. Therefor click on the corrosponding icon on the desktop or in the start menu.

  3. Test Volleyball Manager: After starting the server and administrator select Help->Help from the menu. In this manual read the sectioin Introduction->Quickstart.


  1. To install Volleyball Manager under Linux, you need Java JDK 5 or higher. Please download this for free from and install it.

  2. Start the automatic installation program of Volleyball Manager and follow the instructions. Therefor, change to the directory that includes the install.jar and type in:

$ java -jar install.jar
  1. To start the server, change to the Volleyball Manager directory that you selected during the installation process. Type in:
$ cd server/bin
$ java -jar run.jar
  1. After the server was started successfully, you will see a line "Server started in XX sec". Open now a new terminal and change also to the Volleyball Manager directory. To start the administrator application type in:
$ cd client
$ java -jar volley.jar