A django app for creating and displaying tutorials using a breadcrumbs approach
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A Django App for creating and displaying Online Tutorials

This is a Django Web App for creating classes/tutorials using a breadcrumbs approach similar to the way Udacity breaks classes up into small byte-sized pieces.

NOTE: This project is at it's very infancy at the moment, it is not ready to be used by anyone.

The structure assumed is as follows:

A lesson is a small byte-sized concept that can be taught in a short video or section of tutorial. Prefereably it should only cover one concept.

A module is a logically coherent set of lessons intended to teach some topic.

It is designed with the assumption that a video will be the primary source of information for each individual lesson, and a markdown document can be used to suppliment the video. But this is not a requirement. You can have a text based lesson with no video at all if you like.