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import functools
import numpy as np
import scikits.audiolab as audiolab
import dataprocessor
from mock_sndfile import MockSndfile
class AudioSource(dataprocessor.Source):
"""Reads samples from an audio file or array.
Can be used as a generator that returns sequential lists of nbuf
samples arguments should be in second (or ms) units, not samples
(as they are now).
def __init__(self, filename, start=0, end=None, nbuf=None):
self.filename = filename
self.start = start
self.end = end
self.nbuf = nbuf
def __iter__(self):
if isinstance(self.filename, str):
f = audiolab.Sndfile(self.filename)
elif np.iterable(self.filename):
f = MockSndfile(self.filename, samplerate=44100)
raise ValueError, 'Invalid filename: %s' % self.filename
nbuf = self.nbuf
end = self.end
if not end:
end = f.nframes
if not nbuf:
nbuf = 10*f.samplerate
pos =
nremaining = end - pos
while nremaining > 0:
if nremaining < nbuf:
nbuf = nremaining
yield f.read_frames(nbuf)
nremaining -= nbuf
except RuntimeError:
nremaining = 0