Python script to exploit CVE-2015-4852.
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Python script to exploit CVE-2015-4852.


During a recent engagement, I found that Nessus was now actively exploiting vulnerabilities for confirmation. When I checked the associated nasl script I found that the payload was generic enough to be used on a standalone script. Hence, I collected the payloads from all the nasl scripts that were part of the same RCE vulnerability (but for separate applications) and wrapped them with Python magic. Next time you see a vulnreable application, use this script.


  • Update 29/02/2016 ** Initial commit. Ready for testing.


Nikhil Sreekumar (@roo7break)

Target applications

  • Websphere
  • JBoss
  • OpenNMS
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager

Included scripts

  • - Main exploit script
  • - To setup a ICMP listener using scapy. Used alongside for testing if target is vulnerable or not.

Code details

  • Python3 No additional packages required

What next

  • Incorporate ysoserial.jar or its payload generation
  • Threaded exploiter - Weapon of mass exploitation :D
  • Automated testing