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☄️ FFXIVAPI Build Status Maintainability

FFXIVAPI is a simple, fast and feature-incomplete REST API for FFXIV service which works on top of the information provided by the Lodestone, by parsing the HTML output and converting it into JSON models.

FFXIVAPI is aggresive and heavily parallelizes requests to the Lodestone when possible, to minimize the already big latency the aforementioned service has. Typically, it can retrieve character data and the full list of achievements in about 5 seconds:

curl localhost:8080/character/31688528\?achievements\=yes  0.03s user 0.00s system 0% cpu 4.998 total

Additionally, FFXIVAPI features an in-memory caching service to prevent multiple requests to spam heavily the Lodestone, which would not only be unpolite, but also increase the chance of getting 429'd and consequently increasing latency as well. Caching has mechanism has been engineered specifically for the long-latency lodestone requests.

API documentation is available as a Swagger spec and is made available through the API itself in the root (/) path (assuming the binary is executed in the root source directory.

If you'd like to see more endpoints, feel free to drop a PR or a feature request issue.


Minimal configuration is possible with environment variables:

  • PORT: The port to which the HTTP server will bind itself into
    • Additionally, it is possible to configure the full address by passing an address string (e.g. as the argument to the binary. PORT has priority over the address specified this way.
  • FFXIVAPI_LOGLVL: Log level, as defined in logrus
  • FFXIVAPI_REGION: Lodestone region to query. Should be eu, na, or jp
  • FFXIVAPI_SERVER: Custom HTTP server to query, instead of the lodestone ( Useful to proxy/cache the lodestone server externally.
  • FFXIVAPI_NOCACHE: Disable ffxivapi's internal caching mechanism (tcache). Useful if using an external FFXIVAPI_SERVER which already performs caching


A Dockerfile and an alpine-based docker image are provided for easy deployment.

Additionally, a kubernetes yaml can also be found on the root of this repo.


Currently supported endpoints are:

/character/search: Search for characters given their name and world

    "ID": 31688528,
    "Level": 63,
    "Avatar": "",
    "Lang": "EN",
    "Name": "Roobre Shiram",
    "World": "Ragnarok (Chaos)"

/character/{id}: Retrieve character data, including achievements

  "ParsedAt": "2020-09-28T14:21:56.403712609Z",
  "ID": 31688528,
  "World": "Ragnarok (Chaos)",
  "Avatar": "",
  "Portrait": "",
  "Name": "Roobre Shiram",
  "Nameday": "22nd Sun of the 5th Astral Moon",
  "City": "Gridania",
  "GC": {
    "Name": "Order of the Twin Adder",
    "Rank": "Chief Serpent Sergeant"
  "FC": {
    "ID": "9237023573225362244",
    "Name": "Chupipandi"
  "Achievements": [
      "ID": 1158,
      "Name": "Freebird: Dravanian Forelands",
      "Obtained": "2020-09-27T22:16:53Z"
      "ID": 1209,
      "Name": "Mapping the Realm: Sohm Al",
      "Obtained": "2020-09-27T22:16:53Z"
    "// Truncated for readability"
  "ClassJobs": [
      "Name": "Ninja",
      "Level": 62,
      "Exp": 0,
      "ExpNext": 0

/character/{id}/avatar: Hotlink character avatar given its ID


Avatar redirections are cached for 30 minutes.


Simple, fast and feature-incomplete REST API for FFXIV game data