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Kubernetes Operator Kit

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A Kubernetes Operator is a controller for custom resources. The purpose of the operator kit is to provide a common library for implementing operators.

The library originated from the Rook operator but is independent. Much more thought needs to be put into API design, but at least provides the basis for the library with working code.


The operator kit is a simple collection of features that will be useful for operators.

  • CRD handling: creating, retrieving, and watching CRDs on K8s 1.7+
  • TPR handling: creating, retrieving, and watching TPRs on versions prior to 1.7
  • Timing: helpers to timeout when taking too long or retry when when working with kubernetes resources


The operator kit is still in its infancy and needs plenty of work before it is considered stable.

  • Community collaboration on the requirements and design
  • Leader election for HA
  • Tests

The conversation has been started here.

Sample Code

To help you get started, a simple operator with a single custom resource is provided here.


Contributions are welcome! See Contributing to get started.

Report a Bug

For filing bugs, suggesting improvements, or requesting new features, help out by opening an issue.


The operator kit is under the Apache 2.0 license.

FOSSA Status