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This document defines a high level roadmap for Rook development and upcoming releases. The features and themes included in each milestone are optimistic in the sense that many do not have clear owners yet. Community and contributor involvement is vital for successfully implementing all desired items for each release. We hope that the items listed below will inspire further engagement from the community to keep Rook progressing and shipping exciting and valuable features.

Any dates listed below and the specific issues that will ship in a given milestone are subject to change but should give a general idea of what we are planning. We use the milestone feature in Github so look there for the most up-to-date and issue plan.

Rook 0.9

  • Update project governance policies #1445
  • Add Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) Best Practices #1440
  • Build and integration testing improvements
  • New storage providers
    • NFS operator and CRDs (backed by arbitrary PVs) #1551
    • Cassandra operator #1910
    • Nexenta EdgeFS operator #1532
  • Ceph
    • Declare Ceph CRDs to be stable v1
    • Added support for Mimic and later versions in addition to Luminous #2004
    • Automated upgrade support (initial) #997
    • CSI plug-in documentation #2234
    • OSDs
      • Run on arbitrary PVs (local storage) as an alternative to host path #796 #919
      • ceph-volume is used for provisioning #1342
    • Mgr and plugins
      • Enable the Mimic dashboard with a self-signed cert and generated admin creds
      • Enable the orchestrator modules for nautilus
    • Object
      • CRD for object store users #1583

Rook 1.0

  • Custom resource validation, progress, status #1539
  • Durability of state (local storage support, config can be regenerated) #1011 #592
  • Integration testing improvements
    • Update promotion and release channels to align with storage provider specific statuses #1885
    • Refactor test framework and helpers to support multiple storage providers #1788
    • Isolate and parallelize storage provider testing #1218
    • Longhaul testing pipeline #1847
    • Incorporate new environments #1315
    • Incorporate more architectures #1901
  • Design for Volume Snapshotting and policies (consider aligning with SIG-storage) #1552
  • CockroachDB
    • Secure deployment using certificates #1809
    • Helm chart deployment #1810
    • Run on arbitrary PVs #919
  • Minio
    • Helm chart deployment #1814
    • Run on arbitrary PVs #919
  • Support for dynamic provisioning of new storage types
    • Dynamic bucket provisioning #1705
    • Dynamic database provisioning 1704
  • Ceph
    • CSI plug-in (rook-ceph-agent uses ceph-fuse, nbd-rbd / tcmu runner) #1385
    • Improved data placement and pool configuration (CRUSH maps) #560
    • OSDs
      • Disk management (adding, removing, and replacing disks) #1435
    • File
      • NFS Ganesha CRD #1799
      • Dynamic Volume Provisioning for CephFS #1125
    • Object
      • Multi-site configuration #1584
    • Mgr and plugins
      • Placement group balancer support (enable the mgr module)