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@travisn travisn released this Jan 16, 2020 · 340 commits to master since this release


Rook v1.2.2 is a patch release limited in scope and focusing on bug fixes.


  • Allow multiple clusters to set useAllDevices (#4692, @leseb)
  • Operator start all mons before checking quorum if they are all down (#4531, @ashishranjan738)
  • Ability to disable the crash controller (#4533, @leseb)
  • Document monitoring options for the cluster CR (#4698, @umangachapagain)
  • Apply node topology labels to PV-backed OSDs in upgrade from v1.1 (#4616, @rohan47)
  • Update examples to Ceph version v14.2.6 (#4653, @leseb)
  • Allow integration tests in minimal config to run on multiple K8s versions (#4674, @travisn)
  • Wrong pod name and hostname shown in alert CephMonHighNumberOfLeaderChanges (#4665, @anmolsachan)
  • Set hostname properly in the CRUSH map for non-portable OSDs on PVCs (#4658, @travisn)
  • Update OpenShift example manifest to watch all namespaces for clusters (#4668, @likid0)
  • Use min_size defaults set by Ceph instead of overriding with Rook's defaults (#4638, @leseb)
  • CSI driver handling of upgrade from OCP 4.2 to OCP 4.3 (#4650, @Madhu-1)
  • Add support for the k8s 1.17 failure domain labels (#4626, @BlaineEXE)
  • Add option to the cluster CR to continue upgrade even with unclean PGs (#4617, @leseb)
  • Add K8s 1.11 back to the integration tests as the minimum version (#4673, @travisn)


  • Fixed replication factor flag and the master addresses (#4625, @Arnav15)
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