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@travisn travisn released this Feb 28, 2020 · 667 commits to master since this release


Rook v1.2.5 is a patch release limited in scope and focusing on bug fixes.


  • Set recommended Ceph version v14.2.7 (#4898, @travisn)
  • Allow mons from external cluster in the toolbox (#4922, @travisn)
  • Set successful EC pool creation CR status on the pool CR (#4885, @travisn)
  • Populate CSI configmap for external cluster mons (#4816, @leseb)
  • CSI settings are configurable in the operator via a ConfigMap (#3239, @umangachapagain)
  • Enabling balancer module with older clients (#4842, @leseb)
  • Helm chart fix for deploying the CSI 2.0 driver (#4839, @rwd5213)
  • Make replication setting optional for EC pools (#4750, @travisn)
  • Docs: Set Ceph version for the PVC based example (#4869, @galexrt)
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