shell script to update RFLink
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shell script to update RFLink


You need to have Python 2.7 installed On debian/ubuntu platform:

apt-get install python2.7 avrdude 

On Fedora/Centos platform:

yum install python27  avrdude

On Archlinux platform:

pacman -Sy python2 avrdude

On Windows platform:

Download latest version:

cp settings.ini.tpml settings.ini
chmod 755

Edit settings.ini with your own variables

How to schedule automatic update

We'll use crond for this

 echo "0 12 * * * root /root/RFLink-update-master/" >> /etc/crontab

You can use this website to generate a crontab

Extra variables

you need to install pip

  • If you want to have pushbullet notification

you can edit settings.ini and add your pushbullet api key

pip install
  • If you are note sure about domoticz port

you can edit settings.ini and comment port variable with #

pip install psutil