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About Zencoding

Description here and here.

I’ll quote the blog:

zen-coding includes an entirely new angle to writing markup, and it facilitates the feature by letting you write HTML based on CSS selectors. It’s so simple it’s confusing at first. I think it’s best explained by doing a quick before and after. If you were to type:

and follow that with the zen-coding plugin keystroke (CMD+E in TextMate), the plugin will reformat the line as:

<div id="name" class="one two"></div>

See the EmacsWiki for more background on this mode.

Screenshots and videos


Just make sure zencoding-mode.el is in your load-path, if you extracted zencoding-mode to a directory:

(add-to-list "~/emacs.d/zencoding-mode")

And then just require as normal:

(require 'zencoding-mode)


Enable it by running M-x zencoding-mode. You probably want to add it to auto-load on your sgml modes:

(add-hook 'sgml-mode-hook 'zencoding-mode) ;; Auto-start on any markup modes

Good to go: place point in a zencoding snippet and press C-j to expand it (or alternatively, alias your preferred keystroke to M-x zencoding-expand-line) and you'll transform your snippet into the appropriate tag structure.


Basic tags

a                        <a></a>
a.x                      <a class="x"></a>
a#q.x                    <a id="q" class="x"></a>
a#q.x.y.z                <a id="q" class="x y z"></a>
#q                       <div id="q">
.x                       <div class="x">
#q.x                     <div id="q" class="x">
#q.x.y.z                 <div id="q" class="x y z">

Empty tags

a/                       <a/>
a/.x                     <a class="x"/>
a/#q.x                   <a id="q" class="x"/>
a/#q.x.y.z               <a id="q" class="x y z"/>

Self-closing tags

input type=text          <input type="text"/>
img                      <img/>
img>metadata/*2          <img>


a+b                      <a></a>
a+b+c                    <a></a>
a.x+b                    <a class="x"></a>
a#q.x+b                  <a id="q" class="x"></a>
a#q.x.y.z+b              <a id="q" class="x y z"></a>
a#q.x.y.z+b#p.l.m.n      <a id="q" class="x y z"></a>
                         <b id="p" class="l m n"></b>

Tag expansion

table+                   <table>
dl+                      <dl>
ul+                      <ul>
ul++ol+                  <ul>
ul#q.x.y m=l+            <ul id="q" class="x y" m="l">

Parent > child

a>b                      <a><b></b></a>
a>b>c                    <a><b><c></c></b></a>
a.x>b                    <a class="x"><b></b></a>
a#q.x>b                  <a id="q" class="x"><b></b></a>
a#q.x.y.z>b              <a id="q" class="x y z"><b></b></a>
a#q.x.y.z>b#p.l.m.n      <a id="q" class="x y z"><b id="p" class="l m n"></b></a>
#q>.x                    <div id="q">
                             <div class="x">
a>b+c                    <a>
a>b+c>d                  <a>


a*1                      <a></a>
a*2                      <a></a>
a/*2                     <a/>
a*2+b*2                  <a></a>
a*2>b*2                  <a>
a>b*2                    <a>
a#q.x>b#q.x*2            <a id="q" class="x">
                             <b id="q" class="x"></b>
                             <b id="q" class="x"></b>
a#q.x>b/#q.x*2           <a id="q" class="x">
                             <b id="q" class="x"/>
                             <b id="q" class="x"/>


a x                      <a x=""></a>
a x=                     <a x=""></a>
a x=""                   <a x=""></a>
a x=y                    <a x="y"></a>
a x="y"                  <a x="y"></a>
a x="()"                 <a x="()"></a>
a x m                    <a x="" m=""></a>
a x= m=""                <a x="" m=""></a>
a x=y m=l                <a x="y" m="l"></a>
a/ x=y m=l               <a x="y" m="l"/>
a#foo x=y m=l            <a id="foo" x="y" m="l"></a> x=y m=l            <a class="foo" x="y" m="l"></a> x=y m=l     <a id="foo" class="bar mu" x="y" m="l"></a>
a/ x=y m=l    <a id="foo" class="bar mu" x="y" m="l"/>
a x=y+b                  <a x="y"></a>
a x=y+b x=y              <a x="y"></a>
                         <b x="y"></b>
a x=y>b                  <a x="y"><b></b></a>
a x=y>b x=y              <a x="y"><b x="y"></b></a>
a x=y>b x=y+c x=y        <a x="y">
                             <b x="y"></b>
                             <c x="y"></c>


(a)                      <a></a>
(a)+(b)                  <a></a>
a>(b)                    <a><b></b></a>
(a>b)>c                  <a><b></b></a>
(a>b)+c                  <a><b></b></a>
z+(a>b)+c+k              <z></z>
(a)*2                    <a></a>
((a)*2)                  <a></a>
((a))*2                  <a></a>
(a>b)*2                  <a><b></b></a>
(a+b)*2                  <a></a>

Filter: HTML with comments

a.b|c                    <!-- .b -->
                         <a class="b"></a>
                         <!-- /.b -->
#a>.b|c                  <!-- #a -->
                         <div id="a">
                             <!-- .b -->
                             <div class="b">
                             <!-- /.b -->
                         <!-- /#a -->

Filter: HAML

a|haml                   %a
a#q.x.y.z|haml           %a#q.x.y.z
a#q.x x=y m=l|haml       %a#q.x{:x => "y", :m => "l"}
div|haml                 %div
div.footer|haml          .footer
.footer|haml             .footer
p>a href=#+br|haml       %p
                             %a{:href => "#"}

Filter: Hiccup

a|hic                    [:a]
a#q.x.y.z|hic            [:a#q.x.y.z]
a#q.x x=y m=l|hic        [:a#q.x {:x "y", :m "l"}]
.footer|hic              [:div.footer]
p>a href=#+br|hic        [:p
                             [:a {:href "#"}]
#q>(a*2>b)+p>b|hic       [:div#q
                             [:a [:b]]
                             [:a [:b]]

Filter: escape

script src=&quot;|e      &lt;script src="&amp;quot;"&gt;


a neat way to write markup quickly in emacs



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